It was about 18 degrees this morning when I left for formation. The roads were nice and clear though, after last night’s little bit of snow. We have about an inch, if that. After 0700 formation, I did some stuff in my supply office and then at 0830 we had a rehearsal for the ceremony that was this morning. It was an Activation Ceremony for the Warrior Transition Unit – a unit that wounded and recovering Soldiers will be a part of as they either transition back to their regular units or to civilian life. They have dedicated medical care and all kinds of support stuff for them. The ceremony went really well and I saw a dedicated Soldier. Not all of the wounded warriors were able to stand in the formation, and there was a Soldier in the front row of the bleachers and he had some sort of injury to his right arm where he could not move it much. During the National Anthem (this indoor ceremony was conducted as an outdoor ceremony, so we wore our headgear and saluted during the Anthem), he used his left hand/arm to move his right hand into a salute and hold it there. I just thought that was really neat that he hadn’t given up.

After the ceremony it was back to supply and I did some stuff with the property book. During lunch I got some stitching done, and then after lunch we had a couple of musical skills classes. The first one was an introduction to ceremonial conducting, and we started working on conducting the Anthem (just singing as we conducted). The second one was Jazz Improvisation I. Basically we just got a lesson on some music history and history of improv. It was pretty interesting, and I’m kind of looking forward to the follow-on classes for that as we’ll eventually get some hands-on training. I think my biggest problem with improv is just lack of confidence. We’ll see later on down the road. . .

PT was on our own this afternoon, so SGT G and I went to the gym and did a half hour on the elliptical (2.85 miles for me) and then I did some crunches on the exercise ball. I changed into civies and then headed out to get Robbie from day care and head to my chiropractor. Then it was home where Ryan had mac & cheese waiting for us for supper. It’s nice not having to cook once in a while, and Robbie sure loves his Daddy’s “mac & cheeses” (as Robbie says). Of course, I like it, too.

Then it was bedtime for Robbie and once he was all tucked in, I crocheted and we watched Tivo.

High: 30
Low: 12 (now you know why the subject line. . .)

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