Thunder, Lightning, and. . . Snow??

We woke up this morning to it trying to snow. It was almost too warm and was more of what I call “precipi-yuck” which is a combination of snow and rain. The drive to post was fun. It was barely cold enough to snow let alone be slippery and everyone was going 40 or 45. Grrr… So I finally got Robbie to daycare and did manage to be on time for formation. I helped grade a PT test this morning, so SGT G ran PT for the team. I had gone in in ACUs knowing that I probably wouldn’t have time after the test to run home to change. I was right. Several of us went to the chow hall for breakfast after the test was done. I actually enjoy eating there once in a while, and boy is it ever cheap!

After 0930 formation, we had a little bit of office time and then we had a couple of classes starting at 1030. I taught the first one – a class about alcohol and responsible drinking. I closed with a slideshow I made from an e-mail that I had forwarded to me some time ago – it was called 20 Reasons to Remain Sober, and it was all kinds of pictures of people that had had too much to drink: trying to throw up out the car window and missing, peeing yourself, being duct-taped to various things, things drawn on various part of your body after you passed out, etc. The band was almost rolling on the floor laughing, but I think (hopefully) I got my point across. Then we had a class about interacting with the media, and that had good information in it as well.

SGT G and I went to Charley’s for lunch and got food to go and we went back to the office to eat it. Then I got a little bit of stitching done before this afternoon’s jazz band rehearsal. We ran through our concert order and it actually went pretty well. There are still some places that need some work, but we’re definitely close! After the run through, we went back and worked on a few places in each of the pieces. After rehearsal, we were pretty much done for the day, but I hung out in supply for a little bit in case something came up. Nothing did and I headed home – in the snow again (it had stopped during most of the day, and rained as well). I got Robbie and we headed home. Once home, we played and I got supper ready to go in the oven. When Ryan called to let me know he was on his way, I started it cooking and it was ready about 10 minutes after he got home. He said it was snowing really hard out where he was working and it was snowing here, too, but not quite as much.

Then as we were eating supper, we saw a flash outside and thought it was maybe a snowplow. Nope. It was lightning – confirmed by the HUGE boom of thunder that followed. That went on for about 1/2 hour. It was strange seeing it snowing and having thunder and lightning. After Robbie went to bed, I crocheted and we watched Tivo. It’s pretty much stopped snowing for now, but it’s really windy out. We’re supposed to get more snow overnight. We only have *maybe* an inch right now.

Off to bed – got a long day tomorrow.

High: 38
Low: 30 (current temp)

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