Sunday, Sunday

This morning we got up and dressed and to church. Robbie got the newspaper before we left.
Yes, he was wearing just a shirt, diaper, and his boots. Obviously he wasn’t quite dressed yet. LOL Church was good. Today was the Sunday they recognized those who have died in the past year. I don’t know why they didn’t do it on All Saints Sunday, but whatever. After church we came home for a bit as we wanted to go to the Super Walmart instead of the plain one. The Super one is the opposite direction from church, so we stopped by home for a bit first.

We got the one plug to three that we needed at Walmart, and also a few strands of battery operated lights for our wreath that we’re getting from the church youth group. We should be able to get it next Sunday. I also bought an outfit for Christmas using part of a gift card I had (thanks G’ma & G’pa!). Then we headed to the PX on post. We got Robbie a Christmas outfit and a few Christmas presents. Then we ate at the food court. Wow was it ever SLOW service. It was busy in there, and they had a new guy working and noone was really helping him. It must have been 20 minutes from the time we ordered until I finally sat down with my food (the kids’ meal was quicker so at least Robbie could start eating).

I stitched in the car while we were out. Here is what I was working on:

Now we’re just relaxing and playing until it’s time for Robbie to head to bed. Once he’s in bed, I’ll stitch more and we’ll watch some more Jeopardys.

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