Lights, decorations, Christmas!!

Ok, now we can talk Christmas. The Thanksgiving turkey leftovers have been put in the ‘fridge and the china plates are back in the cabinet. A Christmas CD has found its way into the CD player in my van, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house! We got the tree up yesterday and put some ornaments on it. We’re still missing some, and I intend to find them, but I pretty much finished decorating the tree today. Ryan got all the lights on our HUGE pine tree in our front yard, and I got garland & lights on the porch railing. Pooh is sitting next to the mailbox. We do have some icicles that Ryan might try and get up around the porch, but we’ll see. Robbie had his sled out of the garage and I pulled him around on it – on the 1/2 inch of snow that we had. Ryan got the snowblower out and ready to go for winter. I got snowflakes and stockings up in the house.

It was a very productive day even though it didn’t start until almost 11:30 for Ryan (about 10:45 for me). I made muffins for “breakfast” – it was the first meal of the day. Who cares if it was around noon that we ate. In the middle of our decorating, we took a quick walk up to Kinney Drugs on the corner to see if they had a one plug to three plug converter for outside. I have one strand of lights on the porch that I can’t plug in right now. They didn’t have one, but we’ll go to Walmart after Church tomorrow and hopefully they have one.

After supper and after Robbie was in bed we watched a bunch of Jeopardys from Tivo and now we’re not quite as far behind on those. And I got a couple of hours of stitching done.

High: 30 (current temp)
Low: 8

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