We slept in until about 9 this morning, when I awoke to the sounds of “Mooooommmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy, are you awaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkke?” drifting down the stairs from Robbie’s room. Well, I am now. We had breakfast and played for a while and then we headed out to the PX via a stop at the Post Office. We stopped at the Furniture store first as they have most of the Christmas stuff there. We got our new 6 1/2 foot tall pre-lit Christmas tree and a few other Christmas things and a toy to donate for the “Mountain of Toys” Ft. Drum does each year. Then it was off to the Main PX for cat litter and a couple of ornaments that we get each year. After a stop at Burger King on post for lunch, we headed to the mall in Watertown. Ryan needed to go to the bookstore to get a couple of new books. Robbie talked to Santa but still wouldn’t sit on his lap. Closer than previous years though. . . Our next stop was at Michaels where they had the kind of toy storage that we’ve been looking for for Robbie. I guess I’ll have to take a pic of it since I can’t find it at the Michaels website. Then we stopped at the Proverbial Women so I could bring a few more dishcloths I’ve done and also a baseball hat ear warmer. Maybe I’ll sell something with Christmas coming up.

Then after a short stop at the grocery store, we headed home. Robbie set to work cleaning his toy area out and Ryan got his toy storage thing put together. Then I vaccuumed a little and we got the Christmas tree put together and I got quite a few ornaments on it. We’re missing some still, so tomorrow I’ll be going upstairs to dig through boxes and see if I can find the missing ones. I ended up ordering pizza for supper since we got busy doing the tree and I forgot about making supper. Oops. It sure was nice not having to put lights on the tree! After we ate we played for a bit more and then Robbie took a bath and headed to bed. Once he was all tucked in, Ryan and I watched Tivo and I stitched.

Oh, about the snow! The ground is all white with light fluffy snow now. It pretty much snowed all day. It was pretty light in the morning and got more and more as the day went on. It’s stopped now, but it’s in the forecast for the rest of the weekend.

High: 21
Low: 17

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