The last work day of the week

I was expecting today to be a long day, but it wasn’t! We had formation at 0700 after which 1SG held a Brass Choir rehearsal. I’m not in that since they only need 3 trombones and I’ve got lots of BQ stuff for the Christmas concert. I got my monthly 10% inventory done in supply – had to do a bit of searching to find a few things, but I found them! Of course, the commander is on leave through Sunday, so we can’t have him sign the inventory until next week, but at least it’s done. After the Brass Choir rehearsal was done, the trombone section got together for a bit to go over some section stuff for the jazz band part of the concert. Then it was back to supply for a little while before Brass Quintet’s job formation at 1045.

We got our instruments and music and some folding music stands and headed out in the 15-passenger van. We headed to the first chow hall on our list. We arrived and went in only to find out they didn’t have room for us to play. The Point of Contact (POC) was rather rude to me and tried to tell me that he’d been trying to call us for 3 weeks to figure today out. When I mentioned to him the name of our Operations guy that headed the chow hall gigs up, the POC insisted that he had never talked to someone by that name. Ok, whatever. We thanked him and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving and headed out of there.

The second chow hall was MUCH better. The POC was very warm and welcoming. They had chairs in an area for us already. They thanked us for taking time out of our busy schedule to come play for them (hello? it’s our job! LOL). So we got set up and started playing through our list of music. Some pieces were the best we’d ever played them. A few sounded like we had never seen them before and were sight reading. But overall it went very well. There was a Navy retiree in there with his daughter, and they both came up and talked to us and thanked us for our service and for being there to play. The guy had been in the Navy band back in WWII. It was neat talking to them. Had they been the only 2 people in the chow hall, the gig would have been worth it. There were others in there though, and a few others thanked us as well. We played for about an hour and then packed up and headed back to the band hall to finish up vehicle inspections. Once those were done, we were done for the day.

I got home a little after 1 and took a nice warm shower to warm up from being outside in the cold rain doing the inspections. I played on my computer for a while. And I even laid down and took a half hour nap. I must have been tired cuz I was OUT when my alarm went off. Then I headed out and got Robbie from daycare and headed to the chiropractor where Ryan met us. After our adjustments, we tried out the new Mexican restaurant in town. It was pretty good food and not bad prices either. We’ll definitely be going back there. Then it was home to get Robbie in bed and then we watched Tivo and I crocheted.

High: 39
Low: 33
Rain so far today: .74″

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