Today was a pretty standard Sunday except we had a potluck after Church. Those are always nice – lots of great food including a huge table full of desserts – and great conversations with other members of our church. Before heading home, we went to Payless Shoes so Ryan could get a new pair of everyday shoes and I got a pair of black dress shoes. My guys also picked out 2 pairs of cute socks with cats on them. Everything was Buy One-Get One half-off, so I got a discount on everything – even Ryan’s new shoes because I could use my military discount on them! Then it was home for Robbie’s naptime and I played on the computer for a little bit before heading to watch the NASCAR race with Ryan and stitch some. I ended up napping on the couch for a while, too. After Robbie got up and he woke me up, I read a couple of newspapers and we played. I made a chicken/biscuit/mashed potato meal from a box and that turned out good. Robbie had a bath before bed and then it was down to stitch and call Mom & Dad and watch TV.

High: 52
Low: 34 (current temp)