VERY long day

I took my Soldiers on a 4 1/4 mile run for PT this morning. It was a good run despite being about 35 degrees outside. I still ran in shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt. Then we had a Soldier reenlist at our 0930 formation and then I conducted the monthly 10% urinalysis. Only 2 Soldiers got selected this month, but it still took quite a while and 8 bottles of water before they were able to go. So by the time I went to turn the samples in, the mail guy had already been to the Substance Abuse building so I had to go to the post mailroom on the other side of post to get my samples in the mail to the testing center. By then it was only 20 minutes until lunch and I figured that since I was on that side of post anyway, I’d go to the PX and get my uniform from the cleaners. I almost hit a car when I was backing out of the parking lot there. They are one-way parking rows – angle parking. So as I was just starting to back up, a car comes the wrong way and really close to the cars. I couldn’t see it at all since there was a bigger truck to my right and I was backing to the left. All of a sudden it was there behind me and I hit my brakes. Probably another foot or so and I would have hit him. I don’t know why people don’t get the angle parking thing.

Then I had a quick lunch as I had to go to the rehearsal for the ceremony this afternoon. My bugler rode with me, and we went to the Division Monument where it was supposed to be. No tents, no chairs, no people. Hmm. . . Ok, maybe they decided to move it into the chapel like they did last month. So off we go to the chapel. We go inside. No people, no ceremony stuff. Hmmm. . . I call the Ops office and tell SGT S what was going on. He said “Hmmm. Let me call you back.” So then my phone rings a little bit later and it’s SGT L, the other Ops guy, and he called the people in charge and they told him there was no ceremony today. Ok, so when were you going to let the band know?? As of last Friday at a meeting that SGT L went to, they were still talking about the ceremony. So bugler and I go back to the band hall, did our key inventories with the key control NCO, and then I went to the supply office and got some stuff done. Oh, I did let the rest of the brass quintet know that we didn’t have a gig today afterall.

About 4:30 I left and picked Robbie up and headed home. We played, but I had a headache so I just kind of chilled. We ordered pizza for supper since I didn’t feel like cooking. Then we played some more. After Robbie was in bed, we folded clothes and then I stitched and we watched TV. About 11 I went up and put my hair back up and started getting ready to head to formation. We had formation at midnight for a Troop Return Ceremony. We welcomed home about 120 more Soldiers. I just got home a few minutes ago, and now I’m heading up to bed. At least those of us who were on the job don’t have to go in for PT in the morning! I’ll get to sleep a little bit.

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