No PT, Pcitures, Retirement, and a party

Because of the troop return ceremony last night, I didn’t have to go to PT. I slept as late as I could this morning without being late. I got Robbie up and ready once I was ready and we headed out. Our first stop was my car place so they could look at my mirror. I forgot to tell you yesterday that I hit a newpaper box with my mirror while driving to daycare yesterday morning. The paper box was fine and my mirror is mostly fine. My mirrors fold in, so that saved a bunch of damage I’m sure. The outside of the mirror housing is fine, just a little scratched. But the mirror popped out and it’s cracked in several places. It’s still usable, so that’s a good thing. They looked at it, and they said it’ll be an easy fix but they had to order the part – it’s only like a $25 or $30 part, so not bad. A whole new mirror assembly would be close to $200. They’ll call me when it comes in. Then it was off to drop Robbie at daycare on my way to 0930 formation.

After formation, we got on the bus and went to the Division Monument to do a reenlistment ceremony and to take a unit photo. It was a beautiful morning for it. Then it was back to the band hall for office time. I did some stuff on my computer and then I started sorting through more dress blue stuff – shirts, hats, and shoes. I made a pretty good dent in the piles of boxes I’m working through. SGT G and I went to lunch at the chow hall together – I didn’t get a lunch packed this morning. We had a good time chatting and the food’s not bad either. After lunch was more office time, and then at 3 was formation for the monthly retirement ceremony. It was a fairly short ceremony this month – only 17 retirees. Once we got back to the band hall, we were done for the day and I headed off to get Robbie. Then it was a quick stop at Kinney Drugs to see what we could get for Halloween costumes for me and Ryan. I got witch stuff for me and pirate stuff for him. We got home and got changed into our costumes (I used my black Augusta Choral Society dress as a base for my witch costume, and I was pleasantly surprised that it fit me!! and headed back out to post.

My Battalion had a Halloween party and costume contest and the Haunted Motorpool. Each of the offices had decorated their doors and were there handing out candy to the kids. And in the classroom was all the different companies that had tables with activities for the kids – the Band’s was making ghosts out of tootsie pops. There were some where the kids could decorate cookies, and one was making skeleton hands (clear plastic gloves, candy corn in the fingrtips, and then filled up with popcorn. Those were pretty neat. Then they had the costume contest, and our Battalion Chaplain, my First Sergeant, and one other person were judging. They broke it down into different age categories: 0-2, 3-6, 7-11, 12-15, 16+. Robbie didn’t win anything, but there were a lot of great costumes in his age group. OH – he’s Bob the Builder! Ryan and I both were in the judging for the 16+ group, and I won 2nd place! I got a $10 gift certificate to Ruby Tuesday. That was pretty cool! Then we went to the Haunted Motorpool. Ryan stayed with Robbie in the waiting area, and boy did Robbie get scared by the “tour guide” – he was pretty scary looking with a mask and black hooded thing and stuff. I went through with the group, and they did a really good job turning the motorpool into a haunted house (motorpool is the place where all the vehicles are kept to include the garage buildings which is what they used). There were lots of “things” jumping out at you, and we had to climb up and down steps for a little bit (not easy when you’re wearing a floor-length dress and heels). We even got to walk through a “graveyard” and things came out of the graves at us. I screamed a couple of times, along with everyone else.

Once I was done with that, we headed back to the car and then went to the Golden Unicorn for a late supper. It sure was good to get home and relax. And now I’m heading to bed before I fall asleep at my computer.

High: 62
Low: 37

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