Long Day

Wednesday. Long day. At least I’m starting to get used to the schedule on Wednesday’s, but I still don’t like it. After formation this morning, I was able to do a little bit of stuff in supply and then shortly before 9 a small group of us headed over to the Electronic Skills Trainer for pre-qualification (M-16) training. Well, we sat around down there for over an hour and a half before we were finally able to go in and use the simulator. I did not do well at all, but there was a number of equipment issues that I’m going to need to get used to since they are required – body armor, helmet, balistic glasses, etc. I’m sure I’ll do better when we get to the range next week, but this morning was just total frustration between the wait and the unsuccess. It was just about lunchtime when we got back so we just kind of hung out in supply cuz there wasn’t really enough time to get into anything. SSG C and SGT G and I went to Jreck Subs for lunch. They both knew how frustrated I was and decided to whisk me away from the area for a short time. It helped. We had a very fun lunch, and good food too. After lunch I had a short brass quintet rehearsal for tomorrow’s ceremony and then back to supply to try and get some paperwork done. Then it was time for PT. We played frisbee football again and that’s always lots of fun. I scored several touchdowns since I just hang out in the end zone and the other team tends to forget about me. So when we get the frisbee anywhere near the end zone, I’m always wide open.

After PT we were done for the day and I headed to get Robbie and then out to the chiropractor. That’s always a nice way to end my long day. I really like Dr. Lundy and her massage therapists (we get a 10 minute massage before our adjustment). Not only do they make me feel good inside, but they make me feel good all over because they’re always encouraging about my running and music and everything. Dr. Lundy really takes the time to get to know her patients.

Then it was home and Robbie made mac & cheese for supper with Ryan’s help. He likes stirring stuff and dumping stuff into the pot. I think he ate more than I did again. Then it was time for bed for him since we got home so late from chiro, and after he was all tucked in, I crocheted and we watched Tivo.

High: 56
Low: 43

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