Long day and nothing

Today was the unit record PT test. I was one of the graders, and I graded four Soldiers. All four of them passed, as well as everyone from E Team! That’s always a good thing. We were back in at 1000, and spent the morning doing work in our shops. I don’t know that I got anything accomplished this morning. I got some good stitching time in during lunch, and then brass quintet rehearsal this afternoon. I started off the rehearsal time with Welcome & Integration counselings – just to give them my expectations of them. Then we rehearsed for Thursday’s gig and read a few other pieces just for fun. After rehearsal it was back to supply to attempt to make copies of the counseling forms. The copier over there didn’t want to do double-sided to double-sided and kept jamming up on me. So I went across the street to the admin building and used the copier there. Of course, halfway through my copies the paper ran out and there wasn’t any more over there. I ended up taking some from the other printer there and using that to finish. Then it was back to the supply building to go talk to First Sergeant (his and Chief’s offices are in the supply building). Then I changed into my PT uniform and headed back to the admin building to the training office to be weighed for our record weigh-in. I was well under my authorized weight, but I expected that. I pretty much don’t have to worry about weigh-ins anymore. I had planned on going for a run after being weighed, but it was already 4:45 and I didn’t have time before I had to get Robbie from daycare. So I headed out to get him and then home to make Monterrey Chicken for supper. But it wasn’t true Monterrey Chicken tonight. I used Colby-Jack cheese and it turned out really good! After we ate, we played for a while (Robbie and Ryan played while I was cooking, too) and then once Robbie was in bed, I chatted with my friend D for a little bit and then went and stitched and got caught up on Jeopardy’s on the Tivo.

High: 78
Low: 54

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