I hate road marches

This morning for PT we had a 10K (6.2 mile) road march. We had 2 hours to complete it. We did it by squad, and my squad finished within the allotted time. My feet hurt. So I got home and peeled my socks off and I have an inch long/half inch wide blister right where the ball of my right foot meets my toes and a little tiny pillow blister on the top of my left 4th toe. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it felt while we were still moving, but because of the location on the right foot, it really hurts. And I couldn’t even get a needle in it to pop it and drain it. So I put a bandaid on it and some medical tape to help hold the bandaid on and put dry socks on and got changed and headed back for formation. We had a cold weather injury prevention class this morning, and I also gave a short class on the government travel card – what it can be used for and what it can’t be used for, types of accounts, etc. I kind of worked through lunch getting the credit card stuff updated and then I had an online training course I had to do. Once I was done with that, I did more with the government travel cards and I have all my files for that pretty much up to date. We were done early so I finally had time to bring race posters/forms to the 2 gyms on post and then I went to the PX to get a new black ink cartridge. Then it was off to get Robbie and head to the chiropractor. A new doctor took over the practice. She’s really nice and she’s also added a couple of massage therapists. Before you get adjusted, you get about a 10 minute or so massage and boy is that nice! I really needed it today after the road march. Then Robbie and I stopped at Wendy’s for supper and he ate more than I did. LOL Then it was home to play until Ryan got home from Boy Scouts and once Robbie was in bed I crocheted on the baby blanket for a while.

High: 80
Low: 51

My first registration

It was back to work today. We started off with PT. Our squad did 3 sets of sub-minimums for each pushups and situps. Sub-minimums is half your minimum to pass a PT test. For me, my minimum for pushups is 17, so a set was 9, and for situps my minimum is 45, so a set was 23. I did all 27 pushups at once and then did 3 sets of situps. Then we went for a 2 mile run after. It was a good workout. Then this morning started off with weapons maintenance (cleaning). I still have not fired my M-16 and I’ve had it for over a year, so I cleaned my clean weapon once again. When I was done with that, I went and started getting office work done – getting caught up on Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) stuff and government travel card stuff. I got some stitching done during lunch for a change and that was a nice 1/2 hour of relaxing. After lunch we had a short briefing with our Battalion Commander – the whole Battalion was at the Multi-Purpose Auditorium. I can’t discuss at this point what the briefing was about, but when I can, I will. And no, it’s not a deployment. After that it was back to the office for more work. And then at the end of the day I went for a 4.25 mile run with SSG D. Then it was off to pick Robbie up, a stop at the grocery store for milk and butter, and then home for supper. We had mac & cheese and pigs in a blanket. We haven’t had that for quite a while. Then we played for a little while and after Robbie was in bed, I got some crocheting done. Off to bed now. . .

Oh yeah. . . I got my first race registration for the October Five & Dime in the mail today!! 1 down, hopefully 75 more to go. LOL

High: 74
Low: 45

I got stuff done today!

I was off from work today since we worked yesterday. Actually the whole band was off since the Dixie Band played on Saturday and BQ on Sunday. Ryan ended up having the day off as well. I did bring Robbie to daycare, though, so we could get stuff done. Ryan got the oil changed on his truck. I finished my donation boxes finally and got them out in a few businesses around town. I’ve got one box left that needs a “home”. I mailed some stuff at the Post Office (Rick, be watching for a box in a few days). I got my trophies for my upcoming 5K and 10K ordered. I tried to go for a 5 mile run, but running doesn’t work too well when you haven’t had anything to drink all day except for a glass of chocolate milk at lunch. DUH!! I made it a little over 2 1/2 miles. At least I got out some. Ryan went and got Robbie while I was running, and when I got back we played for a while and then I made meatloaf and mashed taters and corn on the cob for supper. While it was cooking, I went and grabbed a quick shower and then had time to play more and read a newspaper before supper was ready. After supper was bathtime for Robbie and then once he was in bed, I got some stitching done while we watched a M*A*S*H marathon on TV. Off to bed now – back to PT in the morning.

High: 67
Low: 40

First BQ gig

This morning we got up and brought Robbie to Sunday School and then went to Dunkin’ Donuts for our breakfast date. It’s nice being just the two of us once in a while. Church was good, and then after we went to “The Man Store” as Robbie calls Lowe’s. We got Ryan a few tools and stuff he needs for work. Then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch – I had a gift card from doing MyPoints. I woke up sneezing and miserable, and I slept in the car on the way home and then I went up and took about a 45 minute nap. I had formation at 3 for my brass quintet gig. We played for a free fishing tournament that some pro’s held for soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq and are recovering from injuries. There was a pretty good sized crowd of soldiers. But because they’d been there all day out on the water, I guess the were tired and we didn’t have much of an audience. There were about 20 people from the local town, and they really appreciated us. Considering our lack of rehearsal time, we played pretty well. We definitely have a long way to go, but at least we’ve had our start! We got back to the band hall shortly before 7 and got the stands unloaded and our instruments and everything put away. Then I met Robbie & Ryan at the ice cream place for our weekly Sunday treat. Then it was home to get Robbie to bed and I called Mom & Dad and stitched. My Benydryl is kicking in now, so I’m off to bed too.

High: 60
Low: 35

Sixteen Miles

Today was a do-nothing day pretty much. Robbie and I slept in until about 9 and Ryan got up sometime after 10. Robbie and I played and watched the movie Cars and ate breakfast, and I checked my e-mail and message boards. Once Ryan got up, it was more of the same – playing and one of Robbie’s new Veggie Tales DVDs that he got for his birthday. About 1:30 I headed out for a 16 mile run. I had planned on being gone about 3 hours and 20 minutes, but it turned out to be longer than that. When I recalculated my route (on mapmyrun.com), I discovered that I had missed the road I intended to turn on and went one road farther. So I ended up going 16.85 miles. It took me 3 hours, 43 minutes, 9 seconds. I was sore and tired and hungry when I was done, but I felt good, too. After a walk around the block and some stretching, I had a nice little ice bath. For some reason, our water in the tub upstairs doesn’t get super cold, so even with the ice it wasn’t very cold. But it was cold enough to help. Then I had a nice hot shower to warm up. We walked to the local Italian place for supper and then home to put our little fuss-bucket to bed. He didn’t nap today, so he was tired and cranky. Once he was in bed, I stitched some while we watched a movie on TV.

I think I’ll sleep good tonight when I head upstairs in a bit.

High: 57
Low: 45

Combat Water Skills Training

Since our supply training is done, it was back to PT this morning. I got picked on a little bit. We do PT by squads, and our squad leader leads PT. We started the morning with our minimum for pushups (the minimum number needed to pass a PT test), and my min. is 17. The guys in the squad all picked on me cuz of that. LOL Then we did min. of situps, and it’s 45 for me – and for any males in the same age group. For situps, the standards are the same for males and females. Then we ran to the fence and back. I ran with the new trombone player, SPC H. It was a nice change running wth someone different. He’s a rather larger guy, and I was taking 2 or 3 steps to each of his one. He pushed me without even know it, and I ran one of my fastest fence runs ever. We finished the 3.4 miles in 32:32. And I felt good after, too. I need to push myself more often.

After morning formation, we had Brass Quintet rehearsal all morning. Our rehearsal went pretty well. I’m not comfortable still, but we have a gig on Sunday and we’ll go with what we have. I’m sure we’ll do fine. After a quick trip home at lunch to get my canteen (so why couldn’t they have told us we needed it before today?), it was back for formation at the gym at 1300. We were in PT’s with green socks and our boots, and with our rucksacks and other combat gear. Once inside, we donned BDUs that the trainers provided, and we did Combat Water Skills Training. The first thing we did was waterproof our rucksacks using garbage bags and waterproof bags. Then we learned how to enter the water, and to move – with our rucks on and carrying a weapon. They had dummy weapons for us, so that was good. I did ok on the traveling when it was only like chest deep, but when I went deeper, my ruck was floating really good (it’s supposed to) and it was pushing my helmet and then I couldn’t see, and then I kept ending up like a turtle – face down in the water with my ruck on my back pointing up. They had plenty of lifeguards and trainers in the water with us, and I always came up sputtering, but laughing. I did finally manage to get back to the edge of the pool, but not without some help from a lifeguard. It was ok though – I didn’t give up! Then for the 3rd step, they let me go to the alternate where I had my ruck in front and used it like a buoy or something. It uses more legs that way, but I was fine. Then it was Exit the Pool which was pretty easy. That was the hard part. The rest of the stuff was fun! We had a 15 meter rifle swim – you had to swim 15 meters with a rifle and your combat gear on, but no helmet or ruck. You had to keep the rifle out of the water – pretty easy. Then we did the 3 meter drop. That was with rifle and that was it (well, uniform and boots). We were up on the 3 meter platform diving board, and the guy in charge up there put a blindfold on you and led you to the edge of the board. Then on the count of 3, he pushed you off. Lots of people had to drop their rifles when they hit the water, and that was ok, but when I hit, I had a firm grasp on it with one hand. I handed the blindfold to one of the lifeguards and I swam back to the edge. I managed to impress a few people by doing that since so many people needed assistance getting to the edge. That was the “funnest” part of the day – I wanted to do it again!! The last thing we did was a LBE drop (LBE = Load Bearing Equipment = combat equipment). We had to jump into the deep end of the pool and remove our gear. It was pretty easy. The whole afternoon was a lot of fun, despite the fact that half the pool was in my boots when I walked out. I did bring dry clothes to change into, but since we were done for the day after that, I didn’t bother. We stood out in the parking lot and talked enough and it was really windy that I was mostly dry before I got in the van. I did take my boots and soggy socks off and use my towel to dry my feet and I put dry socks and my running shoes on before heading out to get Robbie from daycare.

We headed home and he and Ryan headed outside to play and I got supper going and then headed up for a shower. That felt good getting all the chlorine off and getting warm. Standing out in the wind with wet clothes on had made me chilled. After supper we played for a little while and then we headed to the ice cream place. They have a Cruise-In on Friday evenings, so we went to look at all the cars and stuff. We had ice cream, too, of course – can’t go to the ice cream place without getting ice cream! LOL Then it was home for bedtime and once Robbie was in bed, I got some stitching done while we watched TV.

High: 78
Low: 54

Last day of training

Today was our last day of supply training. We went over the final bits of information and did a review this morning and after lunch it was questions and an After Action Review (what went well, what could be improved, etc.). The overall supply supervisor brought bagels for us this morning, so that was nice. I had a blueberry bagel with raspberry cream cheese. YUM!! We had almost 2 hours for lunch, so I came home and got my t-shirt designed for the October Five & Dime. Then this afternoon I was all set and excited to run, and I ended up having to pick Robbie up from daycare early. His teacher called me and said he wasn’t feeling good, that he was saying his tummy hurt and he had been in and out of the bathroom all day. So when we were done for the day, I went and got him instead of running and then getting him. We came home and played for a while – and of course, he seemed fine – and I got changed out of uniform. We went back for supper at the Golden Unicorn. Ryan met us there after work, and JG and our trainer (CH) for the week joined us. CH is pretty cool and we had a good time over dinner. And of course, Robbie was happy to see J again. Then it was home to play for a little bit and after Robbie was in bed, I got my stuff ready for tomorrow afternoon’s Combat Water Survival training and then I stitched for about an hour.

High: 71
Low: 45


Today was Wednesday. Just another day. Nothing really spectacular happened. We had more supply training all day. We went to KFC for lunch. After we ate and before the afternoon started, I brought Pampered Chef orders to a few ladies that work on post. They were glad to have their stuff. We were done with the training about 3 today, and we took the last hour to start getting more stuff moved into our new supply building. Then I left to pick Robbie up from daycare and head to chiro. But we stopped at the shop I have my dishcloths and flip flops for sale at and brought her some more dishcloths. She hasn’t sold any yet, but she’ll be starting to make up gift baskets for Christmas soon, and she said she’d put one into some of the gift baskets. Then it was chiro and then a stop at Michaels but they didn’t have what I needed. Robbie and I stopped at McDonald’s for supper on our way home. Once home, we played for a while and then after he was in bed, I crocheted on another baby blanket.

Exciting, huh? LOL

High: 66
Low: 52

More supply training, BQ, and no more squeaky toy

My day didn’t start off very well. It was one of those days when I just wanted to stay home with Robbie and be Mommy. Robbie didn’t want to go to school and I didn’t want to go to work. But we both got going and I dropped him off on my way in. Then the morning didn’t get much better. We were supposed to start at 0830, but a few things had to be taken care of that just couldn’t wait, I guess – like buying a big shredder for the supply building. I ended up going with SGT G to SSSC (Triple S C – the place where we buy all kinds of stuff, from shredders to toilet paper to pens to computer paper) because the shredder wouldn’t fit in his car so we took my van. So we get all that plus a few other things taken care of and finally got started around 0930. The training went well and we started to get into the main supply computer program that we use. It’s pretty in-depth, and our trainer is touching everything. But depending on your function in the supply office, which parts you use will vary.

Ryan called me just as we were breaking for lunch and he was done with work for the day since it was raining and they couldn’t pour concrete, so we met for lunch at a local sub place. That was nice – especially after the morning we had. After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for an hour and a half. That went well, and we should be ok for our gig on Sunday. We still have some pieces that we haven’t played yet that I’d like to do on Sunday, but we’ve got one rehearsal left. After rehearsal was done, it was back to the training and the rest of the afternoon went pretty well. Once we were done for the day, I went for a 7 mile run. Well, it was supposed to be 7 miles, but I couldn’t remember which 2nd Street (East, Middle, or West) I had planned to turn around at and I ended up going 7.33 miles instead. Oh well! There was a slight drizzle while I was running and that felt good. SSG D ran with me for the first half of the run but then he had to get home. I didn’t have to worry about getting Robbie since Ryan was off from work. He went and picked him up AND started supper! It was nice to just relax when I got home and not have to worry about cooking or anything.

Once Robbie was in bed, I took a shower and then crocheted and watched some TV. It was nice to be able to relax this evening. My day is definitely ending much better than it started.

High: 72
Low: 58

Edited to add: I forgot about the squeaky toy. I was going to get Robbie’s basketball hoop out so he could play basketball, and I saw a “toy mouse” on the floor. But then I thought, “We don’t have a cat toy that looks like that.” So I looked closer and it was a real mouse. It was still alive, but not moving. One of the cats (probably Callie) had gotten the “squeaky toy” enough to immobilize it but not totally kill it. So I brought it outside. Robbie touched it briefly. That was mouse number NINE. Hopefully it’s the last one.

A squeaky toy and supply training

I got to sleep in a tiny bit this morning as I didn’t have PT. That was nice. As I was sitting at my computer eating my Cocoa Puffs and checking my e-mail & message boards, I heard the cats playing in the living room. And then I heard squeaking. Hmm. . . I don’t recall them having a squeaky toy OR Robbie having any toys that squeak. So I get up to go investigate and they are chasing a little mouse. I think Callie might have actually caught it if she had front claws to help her out. At one point she did have it by the tail, but it wiggled free. And then she pounced a little and got on top of it. She’s so big and fluffy that she couldn’t find the mouse. Well, then it must have moved and she jumped about a foot off the floor. And then the cats were after it again. It disappeared down one of the furnace vents and both cats were just sitting by it watching intently waiting for their “toy” to reappear.

By then it was time to get Robbie up and dressed and head out the door. I dropped him off at daycare and headed into work. The supply team was meeting at 0830 to begin our week of training. SSG H is really fun and even though we watched PowerPoint slides all day, it was a lot of fun and I’m starting to get some idea of what I’ll be doing. We went to lunch at the Golden Unicorn and SSG H really liked it. We might go to the local Korean place for lunch some day this week. We were done for the day about 4, but then we just sat around and talked and looked at SSG C’s pictures from Afghanistan (we were using his computer for the training).

I headed out to get Robbie about 4:45 and then it was out to the chiropractor. Once done there it was home for supper. Ryan’s down to once a week (he’s a week ahead of me cuz of my week home in MI in July) so he went home after work and made mac & cheese for supper for us. Yummy!!! Robbie even got to play for a while because we were home earlier than when we eat out after chiro. Once he was in bed, I stitched for about an hour while we watched Tivo. Yay – new Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune seasons have started!!

High: 72
Low: 54