Still sick

We all slept in this morning – me and Robbie until about 9:30 or so and Ryan until almost 11. I woke up at normal “get up for church time” but decided that Robbie and I didn’t need to get everyone else sick, and I didn’t need to be coughing and blowing my nose through the whole church service. So we didn’t go today. We just had a lazy day at home. Robbie played a lot and I finally got caught up on newspapers. I did 2 loads of laundry. And I stitched. I started on a new project. I made spaghetti for supper and then we went for our weekly walk to the ice cream place. This was our last Sunday evening there until spring – they’re last day for the season will be this coming Friday. Then when we got home, I helped Robbie finish putting his toys away and then he went up to bed. I called home to talk to Mom & Dad and I stitched more on the new project. And then I discovered a boo-boo back near the beginning after over 2 hours of work. I need to pull it out, but I want to figure out what I did wrong – I found 2 of the boo-boos but there has to be at least one more because things are matching up when they shouldn’t because of the first 2 boo-boos. I did restart on the other end of the fabric, and next time I work on it I’ll try and figure out what I did. I’m feeling a bit better now after several doses of Day-Quil today and a huge cup of tea. Mainly it’s just my throat that hurts now, and that’s from all the coughing I’ve been doing. I’ve taken my Ny-Quil and I’ll be heading to bed here soon.

High: 70
Low: 47

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