Rainy Day

Other than during PT, it rained pretty much all day today. But we need it. Our county has been placed under a burn ban since it’s so dry. At PT we did a circle of pushups and then some crunches and situps. For the circle of pushups, our squad got in a circle and everyone got into the pushup position. The squad leader started and we went around the circle and each did 1 pushup, then 2, all the way up to 10. We stayed in the pushup position the entire time, so even though you weren’t doing pushups the whole time, you were still working those muscles. I like doing that – it’s a really good workout. After the pushups and situps, we went for a 2 mile run and I ran it 3 minutes faster than I did on Monday.

This morning after formation I did supply stuff all morning – learned how to do some more different kinds of paperwork, and had to go to some of the other offices on post that we deal with. After a shortened lunch, I headed to the Main Post Chapel for the dress rehearsal for the ceremony the BQ played at later in the afternoon. It started about 45 minutes late, and I hate when my time is wasted like that. At least it was a short ceremony, so even when they went through the ceremony twice, it was quick – and they don’t do the whole speeces and stuff at the rehearsal. Then it was back to the supply office for a bit to continue working on the NCOER, and then BQ had formation at 1530 for the job. We played for the monthly Mountain Salute – a remembrance ceremony for soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division who have lost their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan in the past month. Today there were only 2, but some months they have a lot. Months with none would be nice. We played 4 pieces for pre music (hymns and America the Beautiful) and then the National Anthem after the ceremony started. And one of my trumpet players played Taps at the appropriate spot in the ceremony. I drove separate so I could leave right away to go get Robbie from daycare, and then we headed home.

Ryan had ended up not working today due to the rain and he had put my experimental beef stew recipe into the crockpot for me. Boy it smelled good when I walked in the door! So Robbie and I played for a while until Ryan got home from the chiropractor and then I made some crescent rolls to go along with the beef stew. Everything was really good! Then after playing a bit more and after Robbie was in bed I stitched some and watched Tivo.

High: 68
Low: 61 (current temp)

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