The middle of the week

To begin today, I’ll answer a question that was posed by a reply yesterday (thanks for reading, btw!). Yes, I pay for chow at the chow hall – you did figure it out (but I’ll answer anyway in case anyone else wonders). I’m on separate rations because I live off post. But I eat at the chow hall once in a while with my friends and pay the few dollars. Everything is al a carte, so the more I eat, the more it is and the less I eat, the less it is!

My day started off as usual – drop Robbie off at daycare and then off to PT. We just did a “long” run today – our choice of distance as long as we had at least one buddy. Several of the guys went 5 miles. I went 4.22 with the new trombone player. I don’t know what the others did. It felt good! Then after going home to change and eat breakfast and pack my lunch and do e-mail and stuff, it was back for some classes on various aspects of Operational Security. They were planned for all morning, but they only took about an hour. So when they were done, I went and started doing some key stuff in supply – getting the keys for the quad cons organized and matched to which qc they go to. I’ll be in charge of those keys since I’ll be in charge of the qc’s because of being the Unit Movement Officer. I also learned how to fill out a few of the different supply forms. I stitched some during lunch and then after lunch I worked on my keys for a little bit more, and a few of us went and dug through the quad cons because we’re missing a piano amp. It’s around somewhere, but we don’t know where. At 3, all the NCO’s had to go to the post theater (multi-purpose auditorium) for some Battalion NCO training time. So there we sat for an hour and at the end there was time for questions. Several of the people that asked questions apparently weren’t listening during the previous hour because everything they asked had already been covered.

When we were done there, I dropped SSG C off back at the band hall (he rode with me since he’s working on fixing his truck) and then headed out to pick Robbie up and go to the chiropractor. I really like our new doctor. She took over the practice and has added massage therapists so before you get adjusted, you get a 10-15 minute massage to help relax you and stuff. You can also get 1/2 hour or hour massages, and I’ll definitely be making an appt. for an hour one a few days after my marathon. Then Robbie and I headed home and I made supper since Ryan didn’t have Scouts tonight so he was home, too. After we ate, we played for a while. Once Robbie was in bed, I crocheted and we watched some TV. Talk about a season opener for NCIS!!! For my crocheting, it was too hot to work on my baby blanket, so I started on a Christmas doily.

High: 76 and VERY humid
Low: 68

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