I’m glad I planned on a lot of “me time” this morning. I set my alarm for 0600 figuring on hitting snooze until 0615, and then dressed and downstairs by 0630 or so. That would give me a little over an hour to eat breakfast, check e-mail, visit my message boards, pack my lunch, etc. before having to leave this morning. Well, I awoke from a very strange dream and looked at my phone and it was 0721. OOPS!! So I managed to get ready and get my lunch packed and check parts of my e-mail and post a good morning message and that was about it. Then I had to get Robbie ready and we were out the door. I dropped him off at daycare and then stopped at the Shoppette (little gas station mini-mart) where I got a cup of coffee and some donuts for breakfast. Then I headed to the Education Center where the ARIMS class was being held. I ate my breakfast in the parking lot. ARIMS is the Army Records Information Management System – the filing system we use for all items that need to be filed. It’s a pretty easy system once you figure it out, and our class only lasted about an hour. We did get to do hands-on training with the web based side of it and that’s always helpful. Once that was done, we headed back to the band area and I helped finish moving the supply stuff from our old building to our new building. Then the organization part of moving began, and by the end of the day it was starting to look organized in there. Several of us from the supply crew went to the chow hall for lunch. That was my first time going there for lunch – been there for breakfast a couple of times. I had a tuna sandwich, some Spanish rice, chocolate pudding, and 2 small glasses of chocolate milk and it was only $2.75. And it was good food, too.

After lunch we had Brass Quintet rehearsal, our last before the gig on Thursday. We went over the 5 pieces we’re doing for the gig and then did some sightreading just for the fun of it. We actually read the pieces better than I anticipated, and it was a lot of fun just playing to play. When rehearsal was over, I went back to supply and since there wasn’t anything for me to do, I went over to the ASAP office (Army Substance Abuse Program) to bring them a copy of our new SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). It’s the same as the old one, but since we have a new commander, he needed to sign it. I visited with the ASAP people for a while and then headed back for a make-up class on PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They had the class while we were doing our supply training, and all Soldiers are required to have this class. It lasted about a half hour and then I went to my office and started working on the NCOER (Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report) that I have to write for SGT JG. This is the first NCOER I’ll have written, and to help me with ideas, I printed out all of my old NCOERs to use as samples. I got what I could done and then I went and got Robbie from daycare and headed back to the band hall. We had our first Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting this evening. It was an information meeting, and they actually got volunteers for the positions they need. They had pizza for us, so that was our supper tonight. Ryan met us there after work. Robbie was the best behaved of the kids there. All the other kids were banging on the drums and running around and being noisy. Of course, some/all of that is on the parents, but still. Robbie sat quietly with me and ate his pizza and cookies and drank his lemonade. Before we left he did ask me if he could play the drums and there happened to be one of our drummers there and I had Robbie ask him if he could play. So he got to play a little bit. Then it was home for bedtime and crocheting and TV. YAY – CSI: Miami and all the other CSI’s and other shows we watch are starting new seasons!!!!

High: 88
Low: 54

2 thoughts on “ARIMS, BQ, & FRG

  1. Chow, amended

    Think I got it figured out. You’re on separate rations (or whatever it’s called now) since you live off base, right?

    If that’s the case, don’t bother to reply.

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