Back to work

Today was Monday again. The weekend was too short again. I started the day off with PT after bringing Robbie to daycare. We did 100 pushups, 100 situps, and ran 2 miles this morning. Then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal this morning. We have another gig coming up this Thursday, so we need to get ready for that. During lunch I stitched for a little while after I ate. Then we had jazz band this afternoon. We read through some Christmas charts and that was fun. We need to start on Christmas now so we’ll be ready. The Rock/Show Band will be on tour for a week at a time here and there and we can’t rehearse when they’re not around, and with everything else going on, we have to get an early start. Once rehearsal was done, I got some stuff done in my office and then headed out to get Robbie. We stopped at the grocery store on our way home and did shopping for the week. Once the groceries were put away, I made mac & cheese for me and Robbie since Ryan was working late pouring concrete. They’re doing a couple of long days to get done what needs to get done. They had planned on a certain amount each day this week, but there’s rain in the forecast Wednesday and Thursday and they can’t pour concrete when it’s raining. Ryan put in 12 1/2 hours today. Next week’s paycheck should be nice! He got home just as I was finishing Robbie’s story for bedtime – actually, Robbie read to me tonight. He read “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back” by Dr. Seuss. No, he’s not reading words yet, but he knows the basic idea of the story from us reading it to him so much. It’s always neat when he “reads” to us. So then him and Ryan spent some time together and I got a load of laundry folded and put away. Then it was time to stitch and watch some TV.

High: 80 (I thought it was fall?)
Low: 48

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