A usual Sunday plus 10 miles (Happy Fall)

I got to use my new Pampered Chef Apple Wedger this morning for Robbie’s breakfast. He wanted an apple, so I asked him if he wanted it big or in pieces. He wanted pieces, so I took out my new “toy” and boy that is easy!! It made 10 nice and even wedges and left me with a round core containing the seeds to throw out. Robbie thought it was pretty neat, too. Then we headed off to Sunday School and once Robbie was settled in, Ryan and I headed for our weekly Dunkin’ Donuts date. Then it was back for Church and after church we went to the car wash and then to Applebees for lunch. I had the veggie pizza off the appetizer menu and it was really good! Once we got home, Robbie went up for a nap, and I laid down and took about a 45 minute nap as well before changing into my running clothes. I headed out and took a hilly route today so I could get some hills in before my marathon. I went 10.09 miles in 2 hours and 3 minutes. It was a good run and the hills really didn’t phase me all that much. That’s a good thing! Once I was home I got supper going and then went and took a quick shower. After supper we went for our weekly walk to get ice cream. They’ll be closing for the winter probably in mid-October, so we don’t have very many weeks of ice cream left. Maybe we’ll have to figure something else out. They’ll also be relocating since their current location didn’t renew their lease. But it will be local and still within walking distance, so that’s a good thing. Once we got home, we played for a little bit and then it was up to bed for Robbie and once he was in bed, I got some stitching done while we watched TV. I didn’t get to make my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad as they are on their way home from out of town, but Mom did call from her cell phone and we talked for a few minutes.

High: 72
Low: 52