No PT and not much else

We didn’t have PT this morning. First Sergeant cancelled it after everyone (him included) was hurting from the road march yesterday. It was nice being able to sleep in a little bit this morning since we didn’t have to be in until 0900. My blisters felt much better this morning and I could actually stand on my right foot without it hurting. I did leave the bandaid on when I got dressed though. Before we left, Robbie and I brought the garbage and recycling to the street and put a load of laundry in the dryer. Then it was off to school and work. I was in my office all morning and am pretty much all caught up on government credit card stuff and then after lunch we went to the arms’ room to clean our weapons again. I cleaned my clean weapon yet again. After everyone had turned their weapons in, I stayed and conducted the montly inventory with our armorer. A 100% inventory by serial number has to be conducted once a month by a Staff Sergeant or higher and it can’t be the same person two months in a row. So the armorer asked me if I’d mind, and I didn’t have a problem with it. I didn’t have anything else going on the rest of the afternoon. So we did that and then headed back to the band hall in his car. I went and sat in the supply office for the rest of the time until our formation at 1650 to present an award to a soldier who is leaving for another unit. Then it was off to pick Robbie up and head home. I had a pretty bad migraine (not enough water yesterday) and so I took some meds and laid down for a little while. Robbie laid down and snuggled with me and did a pretty good job of being quiet. Then when Ryan got home from work, Robbie went down to see him and told him that “mommy has a headache.” I came down after a little while more and made tacos for supper. Robbie ate as much as I did again. I think there might be growth spurt coming up. Then it was up to bed for him and I sat down with my stitching and we watched the first episode of Survivor: China. It is going to be another good season on Survivor, I think.

High: 78
Low: 56