I hate road marches

This morning for PT we had a 10K (6.2 mile) road march. We had 2 hours to complete it. We did it by squad, and my squad finished within the allotted time. My feet hurt. So I got home and peeled my socks off and I have an inch long/half inch wide blister right where the ball of my right foot meets my toes and a little tiny pillow blister on the top of my left 4th toe. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it felt while we were still moving, but because of the location on the right foot, it really hurts. And I couldn’t even get a needle in it to pop it and drain it. So I put a bandaid on it and some medical tape to help hold the bandaid on and put dry socks on and got changed and headed back for formation. We had a cold weather injury prevention class this morning, and I also gave a short class on the government travel card – what it can be used for and what it can’t be used for, types of accounts, etc. I kind of worked through lunch getting the credit card stuff updated and then I had an online training course I had to do. Once I was done with that, I did more with the government travel cards and I have all my files for that pretty much up to date. We were done early so I finally had time to bring race posters/forms to the 2 gyms on post and then I went to the PX to get a new black ink cartridge. Then it was off to get Robbie and head to the chiropractor. A new doctor took over the practice. She’s really nice and she’s also added a couple of massage therapists. Before you get adjusted, you get about a 10 minute or so massage and boy is that nice! I really needed it today after the road march. Then Robbie and I stopped at Wendy’s for supper and he ate more than I did. LOL Then it was home to play until Ryan got home from Boy Scouts and once Robbie was in bed I crocheted on the baby blanket for a while.

High: 80
Low: 51

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