Back to the band!!!

It was back to work today. Boy was it nice to be back with the band. I got to meet all the new soldiers, including our new commander, today. And there were two ceremonies. Luckily the morning one went indoors and only needed 2 trombones and I wasn’t on it. But I was on the afternoon one which SHOULD have gone indoors. It was raining before we even left the band hall. We stood out on the field (minus woodwinds – Chief sent them back to the band hall on the bus) and were SOAKED by the time the ceremony was done. And to add insult to injury, the sun came out full force about 10 minutes from the end. Ugh. I will be working in supply now, instead of Operations. I didn’t really have anything to do in Ops, and I’m tired of sitting around doing nothing. I’d like to earn my paycheck. They need hard and reliable workers in supply and I’m more than happy to go somewhere where I’ll actually get to work! After work was getting Robbie from daycare and then we stopped and picked up my trophies for Saturday. I’ll have to set them out and take a picture of the 7 of them. Then it was out to the chiropractor. We got our adjustments and then some shopping on our way home – fruit & water from Sam’s Club, new boots for Ryan (and Robbie got a really cute pair that almost match Daddy’s) and a few other things from Walmart, and poster board from Michaels. Then it was supper at Taco Bell and home. No stitching today and I’m heading to bed.

High: 74
Low: 62