Rail Operations

My morning started off rushed yet again as I slept through my “go run” alarm yet again. I woke up at 0700 yet again. But I managed to get Robbie to daycare and me to class on time. We met at the classroom and then headed to the rail yard for some hands-on experience. We loaded 2 trucks onto a rail car and got to practice tying them down. They’re tied down with chains and it’s not really that hard – just lots of work. I can’t imagine doing several hundred vehicles. Once we got the vehicles untied and off the car, we headed back to the classroom for a review and then our 3rd exam. This one gave me problems, and I took the whole hour that we were given. There was one question that I just could not find the answer to, but I made a logical guess and I ended up being right. I got another 100% on it, so out of 400 possible points for the course, I have 300 so far! One test to go on Thursday. We were done after the test – about 1:15, so I came home for a while and got some stuff done on the computer – e-mails sent, message boards checked, etc. Then I went and got Robbie from daycare and headed to the chiropractor. Then it was a stop at Burger King for supper on our way home. Once home, we went out and drew all over the sidewalks with chalk. That was a lot of fun! Once Robbie was in bed, I chatted with my brother for a bit online and then stitched and watched TV.


High: 81
Low: 56