Where did the weekend go?

Well, it’s Sunday evening again. And once again my weekend was way too short. We slept in until about 8:30 this morning and then got ready and headed to church. After church we went to Staples so Ryan could a fax and then it was a quick stop at the grocery store and then home for lunch. While Robbie was napping this afternoon, I read some newspapers and stitched some. After Robbie woke up, we played. I made french toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage for supper, and then we went for our weekly walk to the ice cream place. Their vanilla soft serve was REALLY soft tonight, so we got dishes instead of cones. It was almost nicer that way! Then we walked home and played for a bit more before Robbie went to bed. After folding a batch of laundry, I sat down with my stitching and called Mom & Dad, as I do every Sunday evening.

High: 80
Low: 63

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