Exam 2

After dropping Robbie off at daycare, I headed to class for our 2nd exam. Again it was open-book/open notes and pretty easy. We had an hour and fifteen minutes for this one, and I was the first one done after about 30-40 minutes. I ended up with another 100%! We went to lunch at 1100 and came back at 1230 and then we discussed Rail Operations all afternoon – safety, the different types of rail cars, loading, tying down, etc. Monday morning will be hands-on with that at the Ft. Drum rail yard. After we were done with class, I headed to get gas and then to the MP station to get a new sticker for my window since I’m getting my windshielf replaced tomorrow. I picked Robbie up from daycare and we headed home, planning on going outside and coloring with his chalk. Mother Nature had other plans, though, and we had some thunderstorms and rain. It didn’t rain much, but it did rain pretty hard for a little while. So we played in the house instead and we colored with his “magic” finger paints. They’re a special kind from Crayola, and the paint is clear until applied to the special paper. Robbie thought that was pretty neat, and we made a few paintings. Oh, and we had pizza for supper – Ryan was out golfing with our friend MW. Robbie had a bath and after he was in bed, I stitched and watched Tivo. Ryan got home a little after 8:30 and he and MW had a great time golfing! Off to bed now – 15 miles in the morning. . .

High: 84
Low: 70 (current temp)