Convoy Calculations and 8 miles

Thursdays are garbage days for us, so Robbie and I brought the garbage to the street before we headed out today. I dropped him off at daycare and headed out to my class. We had a convoy operations practical exercise to do – filling out a couple of forms, and lots of calculations. The instructors said it would take us 2-3 hours to complete, and that was all we were doing this morning. I finished mine in a little over an hour. So I picked up my book and started reading, and one of the instructors came up to me and asked if I were finished. I said I was and he said to go to lunch and be back at 1300. So I got almost 2 1/2 hours for lunch – I came home and got to chat with a Canadian friend for a while and did some other things on the computer. After lunch we went over the practical exercises and then talked about TC-ACCIS and TC-AIMS II (TC-ACCIS is the program that is being phased out and being replaced by TC-AIMS II). Ok, so I just sat through 2 weeks of TC-AIMS II, and now I just got another 45 minute “overview” of it. Yay. Once we were done wtih that, we were done for the day – shortly after 1400. So I went and got my running clothes from the car and changed in the bathroom. I went out to the Calcium Trail (a 2 mile marked trail in Calcium, NY – about 2 miles from post) to run 8 miles. It was nice running on something other than pavement or concrete for a change – the Trail is crushed gravel and packed dirt. It was also nice seeing each 1/4 mile and check splits and stuff. I ran in 1:35:55 – a 12 minute per mile pace, but I started out too fast for the amount of heat. Today’s high of 84 was when I was running.

I picked Robbie up on my way home and we played for a little bit before Ryan got home. Then when he got home, we decided to go to the Unicorn for supper. I wasn’t feeling super good and didn’t feel like cooking in the heat. We ordered our usual there – grilled cheese and fries for the guys and egg salad with chips for me. Some day we’re going to walk in there and they’ll just put our order in before they even come to the table. LOL Once we got back from eating, Robbie tried out his new polka-dot chalk that Gramma & Grampa sent him. He made our sidewalk all kinds of colorful! But it was only polka-dot on the outside – it was normal chalk with a “coat” of polka-dots. But it was still fun! Then it was off to bed for him and a shower for me finally. That sure felt good. Then I stitched and watched a Triathlon that I had Tivo’ed.

High: 84
Low: 66

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