Eyes & Exam 1 & Math

It was an early morning for me and Robbie. We were out of the house before 6 and I dropped him off at daycare on my way to post. I had to drop some paperwork by my office at work on my way, and then I went to Optometry sick call for my 90-day post op checkup. I couldn’t make an appointment like is normally done due to my classes. My right eye is just about at 20/15 and my left eye at about 20/20, so everything is really good. I have a little bit of scarring in my left eye, but it doesn’t really affect my vision at all. I was done by 0715, so I came home for a while and did some stuff on the computer before going back for class at 0900.

We started our day off with our first exam. It was 25 question multiple choice and we had an hour to complete it. And it was open book/open notes. I took the time to look up every answer and was still the 3rd or 4th one done. Once everyone was done, we went over it in class, and I got 100% on it. 19 of the 27 in our class got 100%. How do you not get 100% on an open-book test?? The rest of the day was spent talking about convoys and the paperwork that comes along with them. There’s some math involved in figuring different things, and that’s pretty much what we did all afternoon. It’s not really hard, especially since we can use calculators. The one exercise we did in class took me about 1/2 the time of most everyone else, and I got them all right.

After class, I went to the PX to get new boot blousers for my uniform. Just a note, they’re only a QUARTER a pair at the PX. . . Then I stopped by the supply office at work because I had gotten a phone call from one of the supply guys that he had something for me. It was the frame for my MOLLE – my original one had gotten cracked during our flight home. I also found out that I will most likely be moving to working in Supply when I get done with my classes. They need people in there that will actually work. That’s fine with me – I’ll actually do more good there than I am in Ops since I just do Ops for BQ gigs and we’ve had like 3 since January.

Then it was off to pick Robbie up from daycare and head out to the chiropractors. Ryan met us there like he does now with his new job, and then after we stopped at Taco Bell for supper on our way home. Robbie had mail and he opened it and loved what was in it. He got new jammies from Gramma! Once he was in bed, I finished crocheting one dishcloth and started another one. Time for bed now. . .

High: 84 (summer came back!)
Low: 58

P.S. – Welcome back to the U.S. from a year in Korea PB!!

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