Greetings from Michigan

Yesterday before church we went to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast. That was a nice treat. Then church was good, and lots of people placed bids on my silent auction things. I closed it down about 11:20 and most everyone was still there to pay. One lady was going to mail her check today and the other 2 I’ve contacted them. I got over $300 from the auction! Then Robbie and I said goodbye to Ryan and he headed home and we headed to Michigan. It was a long drive by myself, but we had good weather and not much traffic the whole way. There was some traffic and construction congestion around Toronto, but what do you expect from a big city. We got to Rick’s a little after 9, so about 9 hours on the road. Robbie sure was glad to see his Uncle Rick. We let Robbie run around in the yard for a while after sitting in his car seat all day. And he got to see “flashlight bugs” (lightning bugs). He thought they were pretty neat. Rick fixed my laptop so now I can use that again without having to hook it up to my big monitor. It took him about 15 minutes. Thanks!! I did stitch for a little bit and then went to bed way too late.

This morning we all slept in – I got up about 10! That sure was nice. After Robbie had eaten breakfast and we all got ready (no food for the rest of us to eat), we headed out for some shopping and lunch at Taco Bell. Then it was home for naptime for Robbie and I planned on stitching, but I did computer stuff instead – e-mail, message boards, and found some routes to run while I’m here. After Robbie woke up, we headed out to West Lansing to Bennigan’s for supper. Rick had a free Dinner for 2 certificate, so that was nice. Then it was back to go to Home Depot and the grocery store, and then home to play. We had bought a ball at Meijer earlier, so we played with that in the yard for a while before bed. Then Robbie and I called Ryan and we talked for a while. I stitched for about an hour and now I’m heading to bed as well.

High: 73
Low: 44

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