My first double-digit run and other stuff

I started my day with an 11 mile run this morning. Yes, I said ELEVEN miles. One of my friends from work, NJ, drove out here and ran with me. That was nice having someone to talk to – it sure helped the run seem easier. We did a 15/2 – ran for 15 minutes and then walked for 2. Those short walking breaks sure help as well. We ran my 6 mile route and then my 5 mile route, and the end of the 6 brought us right by the house so we could get some water – we left our water bottles on the porch. It was nice weather for running as well, but by the time we were nearing the end, it was really starting to warm up.

After my shower and when we had Robbie ready (and Ryan – he slept in this morning and got up when I got home), we headed to the Golden Unicorn for their breakfast buffet and then into Watertown. On our way into town, we remembered that we were supposed to be at the chiropractor’s at some point between 9 and 10:30. This was about 10:30 or so that we remembered. Oops. We went to Sam’s Club and returned one thing of spaghetti sauce and a thing of lemonade mix, and then we bought a 50 pound bag of kitty litter. Then it was off to Target to buy a few things, and then to the Korean barber shop Ryan has been going to. Oh, while we were in Target, Pastor Luisi called just to see how it had gone last night and to thank me. He said he almost had a heart attack when he walked in the kitchen. We left it a lot cleaner than we found it! And I did the right thing by taking the towels and dishcloths home to wash them. So, now we’re at the barber shop – sorry about jumping around like that. Ryan got his haircut, but we hadn’t said anything to Robbie. He didn’t really need a haircut, but when Ryan was done, Robbie turned to me and asked if he could get his cut, too. Of course, I’m not going to argue with him asking me since most times he doesn’t want his hair cut. He still won’t sit on the booster seat by himself, so he sat on my lap. But he was very good while she cut his hair and he got a lollipop at the end.

Then it was home for naptime and cleaning. I vacuumed the 1st and 2nd floors. I cleaned out my van. I did laundry. When Robbie got up from his nap we played for a while and then headed to the Chatterbox Diner for supper and followed that with our weekly visit to the ice cream shop. We ended up driving since it was raining out, and it sure was cold while we were eating our ice cream. Then it was home for bathtime and packing. When Robbie was done in the tub and he had drained the water out, the following ensued:
Robbie: “Daddy, I’m done.”
Ryan: “I’m coming buddy.” Ryan walks into the bathroom and sees Robbie.
Ryan: “What are you doing?”
Robbie: “Pushups”
He was laying on his belly on the floor of the tub and he was actually doing pushups. Ok, so his whole lower half of his body was on the floor, but he was doing pushups! It was so cute. I guess he’s seen me do them enough and he figured out how to do them too.

Well, I think I’m about all packed. The suitcases and travel DVD player still need to get in the car, but they can go in in the morning before church. Off to bed now so I can get good sleep before I have to drive 500 miles tomorrow.

High: 68
Low: 51

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