A long day of rehearsals

It was another early morning for me today. I was up at 4:30 and out the door with Robbie at 5:40. I dropped him off at daycare and then headed to formation at 6:15. We had full dress rehearsal for the Salute to the Nation. Before rehearsal started, we practiced our Sound Off sequence. We do Sound Offs all the time, but this is a long one and we’ll be using 2 marches, so we needed to practice how the music change was going to occur. I think the 7:00 rehearsal finally got started around 7:20 or so. You’d think they would have some clue about the ceremony after going through it probably 4 or so times yesterday with just the key leaders, but no. It seemed that no one knew what was going on except for the band. So after 3 times through the ceremony (we only marched the Sound Off the first time – the other 2 Chief just turned around and said “Sound Off complete”), they kind of-sort of knew what was going on. Of course, everything will fall into place for the actual ceremony tomorrow, and it will be fine. It always happens that way. We were out on the field in the sun (probably 80 degrees by 9:00) for a little over 3 hours. Once we got back to the band hall at 10, we were released until 11:30 when we were having a farewell pizza lunch for our three newest retirees. I came home for a little while and just relaxed. Then it was back for lunch and presentation of plaques. After lunch we had concert band rehearsal all afternoon. We worked on our music for tomorrow night’s concert. Now, the ideal thing to do the day before a concert would be to sit down, run through the concert line up in order, and then be done for the day. Well, since we haven’t really prepared for this concert, we worked on stuff, and played through 2 pieces that we haven’t been working on – they’ll be in the concert order as well. I’m sure we’ll manage to pull this together tomorrow night somehow, but at this point I just don’t know. After almost 3 hours of rehearsal, we were done for the day, and I headed out to get Robbie and then Ryan to go to the chiropractor. Afterwards, we stopped at Applebee’s for supper on our way home. When we got home and got Robbie to bed, I was too tired and hot to do much of anything, so I read newspapers and am almost caught up again.

High: 89
Low: 71

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