Steak Parade

Robbie and I both slept in this morning. That sure was nice! We had toast for breakfast, and after playing for a while, we walked up to the Carthage YMCA and I brought a poster and some race registration forms. Then we walked home and I mowed the yard while he “rode” his “bike” (he still doesn’t use the pedals on his tricycle). Then we came in the house and read newspapers. I had formation at 1445, so we left about 1400 so I could stop and get gas before going to work. Ryan met us at the band hall. We headed out to Cleveland & Constantia, NY, about an hour and a half from post. The Legion in Cleveland fed us (families included) steak and all kinds of other good food. They also had hotdogs, and Robbie ate one and a half of those along with macaroni salad, regular salad, fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries, & grapes), a piece of bread, a brownie and some orange cake. Plus he stole my grapes. Ryan and I had steaks. It was all really good and lots of fun having our families with us for a change! Then we headed back down the road a little, to Constantia to march in the Fire Department’s Field Days Parade. It wasn’t a super long parade, but boy was the crowd awesome. When we marched by, they were hootin’ and hollerin’ and yelling Thank You and We’re proud of you, and stuff like that. It was really cool! I like parades like this. About the Steak Parade subject. . . Us in Ops, when asked by a member of the band what this parade was for, would answer that it was the steak parade. We could never remember what it was for, but we knew we got fed steaks! LOL On the way home, Robbie was singing to us for about 10-15 minutes. It was cute. I called my brother and he got to hear Robbie sing, too. Then it was off to bed for Robbie when we got home around 9:30 and I’ll be heading up in a bit as well.

High: 65
Low: 45