Baseball Hall of Fame Parade

It was back to “normal” work for me today – back to the band! I dropped Robbie off at daycare on my way in for formation, after which we got on a charter bus (yay for not going on our Bluebird) and headed to Cooperstown, NY. Today was the Baseball Hall of Fame parade and game. We marched in the parade. It was a fairly short parade – *maybe* a mile. We played through 2 1/2 marches and that was it. Near the end, we had to move over as the ambulance got a call and he had to get out of the parade to go. That was a first for me. Aren’t ambulances usually at the end or front of parades and not in the middle? I think my running is helping my marching/playing. Normally when I march and play I get winded and have trouble keeping playing. But today I didn’t have any problems! Of course, we’re also marching at a smaller step size and slightly slower tempo so that might have something to do with it as well.

After the parade we got back on the bus and headed back. No food for us, so we stopped at a McDonald’s/gas station once we got out of town. It was a long day – almost 5 hours on a bus for a 20 minute parade. But I got 2 dishcloths made on the bus and I took a nap on the way home and read some of my book after my nap. Once we got back to Ft. Drum, I got my horn put away and I left (we were done for the day) and picked Robbie up from daycare and Ryan up from home and we headed to the chiro. Boy was I stiff again – Dr. Pam could barely get my neck to do anything. Once she was done with me, I got to sit in the massage chair again while she worked on Ryan. That’s always nice! We stopped at Friendly’s for supper on our way home, and now I’m about to head to bed.

Marathon Training: No run scheduled for today, but I’ll be stretching good before bed.

Here’s a progress picture of the stocking I’m stitching for Robbie for Christmas. It’s by Shepherd’s Bush.
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High: 60
Low: 38

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