The stump is gone!!

Today was an interesting day. Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Robbie’s daycare provider (Helen) and she let us know that she was going to be closed until at least 10 today. So I called my platoon sergeant and was able to get out of PT and the morning of work.

So this morning I slept in until almost 8, and Robbie and I had poptarts for breakfast. Then we watched cartoons and played for a while. I was supposed to go to a planning meeting at 11 for an upcomiing ceremony on post. Finally about 10:15, I called one of the other Ops guys and he was able to go to the meeting for me. Helen still hadn’t called. So I changed out of uniform and Robbie and I walked to the post office to mail some stuff and then to the village office to pay our water bill. Since it was lunchtime by now, we stopped at the Church Street Diner for lunch. It was a very nice date! Robbie ate all of his hot dog and chips, and since he had been such a good boy all morning, I treated him to a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Then we walked home and played for a bit more before naptime. While he was napping, I watched some Tivo’ed stuff and crocheted. Shortly before 4, Helen called, and they will be open tomorrow. It’s a long story about what happened, but I totally understand and I have no hard feelings or anything (as apparently some of the other parents did). So instead of going to work today, I got to stay home and play with my little guy! After Ryan got home from work, we went to the Chinese place for supper and then to the grocery store (hence the reason for Chinese – no food in the house). I’m about to go crochet and watch more TV.

Oh, the stump. Remember the stump the tree removal company “removed” last summer? Well, we got smart and managed to get it to the curb. The village picks up yard waste – and stumps apparently – for free. So they managed to get the stump into the bucket of a front end loader and took it away!!! Now we just need to borrow or rent a tiller and till up the area where all the tree grindings are, get some topsoil, and then plant some grass seed. Yay!! Our yard already looks tons better without that stump sitting in it.

High: 58
Low: 50

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