No music

Church was interesting this morning. I’m glad I know the liturgy part of the service because I sure couldn’t read what was in the hymnal. And they weren’t familiar hymns either. But it was still good. After church, we went to Bob Evans for brunch. Robbie and I each had French toast and Ryan had some eggs. It was good food. Then it was to Michaels for some yarn for a baby blanket and then to Herb Philipson’s (a sporting goods/military surplus store) just to look around for a while. This afternoon while Robbie was napping, Ryan and I started watching the race and I crocheted. Robbie got to watch the end of the race, and boy was it exciting! Our driver (#24 Jeff Gordon) won for the 2nd week in a row, and he’s leading the points by over 200 points! Supper was a chicken alfredo thing – from a box. It was really good. Then after playing some more before bedtime, Robbie went to bed and I made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad. I crocheted while talking to them and then more while watching Tivo after.

High: 61
Low: 44
Rain all day until late afternoon and then the sun came out and it was really nice out.

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