The rest of the week

I haven’t been on the comptuer too much since everything is blurry still and it’s hard to see what I’m typing.

Wednesday morning I went back to optometry and she took the “band-aid” contact out. My left eye still looked the same as it did Tuesday, but she assured me that it would heal. She told me to come back in a week for another check. So I went home and changed into my duty uniform and went in for 0930 formation. I didn’t really do anything at work since I can’t see music or a computer screen – I pretty much just sat around all day.

Thursday the band went to the M-16 range, and obviously I can’t shoot yet. So I just showed up at 9:30 to my Ops office and I was able to get a bunch of stuff done even though it took a while. I didn’t have to fight for a computer or a phone, so I was able to get all of my Government Travel Card stuff organized and figured out who needs to fill out which form to get their cards.

Friday was PT – we did pushups (that I didn’t do) and crunchs (that I did). Then the rest of the morning was pretty much just sit around again. In the afternoon I had to go and sit Staff Duty at Batallion for a while as the 2 soldiers on duty were from the band and had to go play the Retirement Ceremony. Once they got back, I left and got Robbie from daycare and we stopped at McDonald’s for supper. Then we came home and played until bedtime. Ryan worked late and got home just before bedtime.

All three nights were TV and crocheting after Robbie was in bed. Thursday night I watched the Boston Marathon that we have Tivoed. Ryan had gone out with some of his friends from work – wing night at one of the local bar/restaurants.

Today Robbie and I went to the Golden Unicorn for their breakfast buffet and then we headed to one of the area high schools for the Arbor Day Festival and Craft Fair. There were lots of neat crafts there, including a lady who paints on slate roof shingles from old houses in the area. She puts a little sticker on the back of each piece (and she had pieces of all sizes) with what building it was from and a little of the history. I got her business card and I think I’ll be ordering a piece called “Soldier’s Home” from her. It talks about this is the home of a soldier and it’s really neat. I just didn’t think to bring my checkbook with me and didn’t have enough cash to get one.

Now we’re home and Robbie’s napping and I think I’m going to go crochet and watch a few Wheel of Fortunes.

Oh – today was going to be a trip to the park to play, but it’s a rainy dreary day so no park for us.

Oh, and an update on my eyes. I’m still living in a blurry world. It might be a touch better, but it’s only been a week. We’ll see how I’m progressing at my next appointment on Wednesday.

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