Pre-Op Day 2

I slept in this morning, and boy it sure felt good! I woke up about 9:30, but just laid in bed enjoying the quiet until around 10. I took my time getting ready, came down to use the computer, read for a while, and just lazed around. We headed over to the hospital around 12:20 and at 1 (well, it was actually about 1:30 before we finally got started), they briefed us on post-op care of our eyes, talked about all the different eye drops we have, etc. And then our surgeon came in and explained the whole procedure for tomorrow and answered any questions people had. Once we were done with that, we signed our consent forms and were done for the day. Me and SFC S headed back to the hotel, but we stopped at I-HOP for lunch (at 3:30 is it still lunch?). Then we decided to go out to Ft. Meade so he could go to the commissary for some food. We checked out the PX, too. I just wandered the store looking at stuff – he bought a new shirt. Then it was finally back to the hotel and I called Ryan and Robbie and talked to them for a while. I also called my brother to chat for a while, and I’ve been crocheting all evening. I can see to stitch, but I can’t see to stitch. The light in the hotel room isn’t good enough for me to see 40 ct. fabric. Darn. I’ll be heading to bed in a while because I have to be up early tomorrow morning, but I’m not really sleepy because I slept so long last night.

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