Family Day

We slept a little late this morning, but still got up in enough time to get to church. We did arrive a little late – during the opening hymn, but we had just missed announcements and welcome. Pastor was on vacation today, we did the Service of the Word – not as much singing and no Communion (which we only do every other week anyway). We had some cake during fellowship time after and then headed to the mall. Ryan and Robbie watched the balls (a perpetual motion machine) and just walked around for a while and I went and got a manicure done. Then I bought a nice pair of real sunglasses. Ryan looked in the bookstore for some books and CDs, but didn’t find anything he wanted. After walking around for a bit more, we headed to Applebee’s for lunch. Then it was a quick stop at White’s Lumber for fire extinguishers for our house and then home for naptime. We started watching the race and I stitched some. And I did some laundry. When Robbie got up from his nap, we went and did some grocery shopping so Ryan would have something to cook for the next week. Robbie ate the rest of his cheeseburger and fries from lunch for supper, but Ryan and I didn’t eat anything. We were still full from our lunch. I got some laundry folded and started packing for my week in Washington, D.C., and then we played some before bathtime. Once Robbie was tucked into bed, we finished watching the race, and some other TV, and I stitched. And I made my weekly phone call home to my parents. I’ve now finished packing and am getting ready to head to bed.

See you tomorrow from D.C.

High: 37
Low: 32