Today was Saturday. Ryan had to work. Robbie and I had a fun day. We had cereal for breakfast and played all morning and watched some of his Baby Einstein videos. Oh, and we walked to the Post Office to mail a couple of things. We had leftovers from dinner last night for lunch – Robbie had a bit of his cheeseburger and fries and after he was napping I had the rest of my chicken caesar wrap. Then I stitched and finished the project I was working on. I can’t post a picture of it as it is a gift for someone and I don’t know if that person reads this or not. Once Robbie woke up, we went outside and played until Ryan got home. Then he played with us for a while until we all came in so I could make supper. Ryan and I had beef chow mein (the chicken we had a while ago was better) and Robbie had the rest of his cheeseburger and fries. I gave him a choice – cheeseburger or “what Mommy & Daddy are having” and he chose cheeseburger. At least it finally got eaten. After supper (late cuz we were having so much fun playing outside) we cleaned up the toys in the living room and after Robbie was in bed, I sat down for more stitching and we watched TV. I’m about to eat some ice cream, but I need to let it thaw out enough so I can scoop it with a spoon. I broke my ice cream scoop on Easter and we haven’t gotten a new one yet. Oops. And then it’ll be off to bed for me after a little bit of computer stuff.

High: 40
Low: 32

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