Pancakes and the Home Show

Ryan had to work today again. After Robbie and I were up and dressed and had played some, we went out for breakfast and had pancakes and then we headed into Watertown to go to the White’s Lumber Home Show. We got some neat free stuff – a bag and hat and water bottle from White’s, another hat, a little keychain thing, and some other stuff. We walked around the whole place about 6 times, just trying to kill time as Spongebob Squarepants was coming at noon. They were doing pictures with him – free even!! – and Robbie was all excited when he saw him. So we waited in line for the picture, and when we got to the front of the line, Spongebob was scary all of a sudden. So no picture, but maybe next time. When we got home Robbie had the rest of his pancake and sausage for lunch – he barely touched it at breakfast, so I took it with. While he was napping I got caught up on newspapers and even stitched some and watched some Wheel of Fortunes and a Triathlon that I had Tivoed. When Robbie woke up, we went outside and played for probably an hour or so and then we had supper – from the freezer to the microwave to the table. LOL Then we played and had bathtime and then bedtime. Ryan had to work late as they had to tear down after the Home Show was over, and then he went out with the guys for a little bit (he did call me to let me know, so it was ok). I stitched and watched some TV this evening after he got home.

High: 50
Low: 25