Road Trip

Yesterday was just another day. Went for a short run (like 1.1 miles short) for PT. Had a seated music rehearsal – yes, we actually played music – all morning, and after lunch was the class that was supposed to be on Wednesday but the lady coming to teach it was unable to make it. Then I had a van appointment for an oil change. Went and picked Robbie up from daycare when I was done at the car place, and then it was home to play outside until Ryan got home from work. He made mac & cheese for supper.

Today we had a ceremony at Syracuse University – the ROTC Chancellor’s Review. It was a nice bus ride there – after the stop so a certain female SSG could go back in the van (it was behind the bus – with the big instruments) and get her uniform PANTS. How does one forget their pants for their uniform? This certain SSG simply amazes me – and yes, I’ve talked about her before. *shaking my head* Why are people like her in *my* Army? Anyways, I got a lot of stitching done on the bus ride to Syracuse. When we got there, we did a short rehearsal in the dome so we could kind of get the feel of the astro-turf. Then we went to another building for lunch where we got pizza. It was GOOD pizza, too! And they had bags of goodies for us – t-shirts and water bottles. I like doing gigs like that. Then we had quite a bit of time before we had to be ready to go, so I sat in our changing area (the Home Coaches locker room – the guys were in the Home Team locker room) and stitched more. About 20 minutes before we had formation I finally changed into uniform (we traveled in civvies) and headed out. The ceremony went well – LOTS of awards for the ROTC students, both Army and Air Force. It lasted about an hour and then it was change back into civvies and head home. I stitched again on my way home. I had arranged for Beth to pick Robbie up from daycare, so once we got back to the bandhall, I headed over to her house to get my little guy. Then, since Ryan was working at the Home Show for work, Robbie and I stopped at McDonald’s for supper and then home to play outside until bedtime. I’m sure enjoying this nice weather we’ve been having!!

High: 49
Low: 28

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