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Monday was a long day. We drove from Rick’s through Canada and home to NY. The weather was awful in the morning – actually not too bad at Rick’s and then it just kept getting worse. We stopped for a potty break and to switch drivers about an hour or so from Toronto and it started clearing up a little. By the time we stopped to eat about an hour past Toronto it had changed to rain instead of snow. We ate at Wendy’s for lunch, got gas, and were back on the road. We got home a little after 6 and that included a stop at the grocery store. It sure was good to be back home again, and our kitties were glad to see us.

Tuesday was back to work for me and Ryan and back to school for Robbie. It was finally warm enough to go for a run for PT – still cold, but at least not below zero. We ran 2 miles (a 1 mile loop twice) and during the second mile it started to really snow and was windy. I was glad when we were done. We had our first Brass Quintet rehearsal in the morning and then after lunch I did some stuff on the computer in the Ops office.

Wednesday morning at PT I did pushups and situps and stretched good – I was sore from the run Tuesday. I spent the rest of the day being miserable. I did dig out a few old job sheets that we were looking for and wrote the calendar on the board in the Ops office. Other than I was useless – my head felt like it was in a vice, my throat hurt, I blew my nose more times than I care to remember. I headed home about 2 and went right to bed. Robbie woke me up when they got home. Supper was in the crockpot so that was one less thing that I had to worry about. I did play with Robbie for a while, and then after we ate I took a LONG hot shower. That helped a little bit but I was still miserable.

This morning I went to sick call and I have an upper respiratory infection. The doc put me on quarters today so I could go home and sleep instead of going to work. I stopped by the band hall and gave my quarters slip to my platoon sergeant and then headed home. I did have to go back to post, though, as I couldn’t go to the pharmacy to get my meds until after 8:30. So I went back and got my meds – antibiotic, cough syrup, sudafed, throat lozenges, and motrin (Army candy as we call it – you get motrin for just about everything). I came home, got drugged up, ate a little bit, and went to bed. I slept from about 10-3. I felt a little better when I woke up and I read a few newspapers and watched some Wheel of Fortunes. When Ryan & Robbie got home, we played for a little while before I made sloppy joes for supper. Then it was clean up time and bedtime. I crocheted and we watched some TV.

High: 57
Low: 37

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