The end of the trip

We’re back home now, but I have some catching up to do. I’ll do a few days at a time, so bear with me. I’ve got a bad cold or something right now and my Nyquil will be kicking in at any moment.

On Thursday I made a run to the Post Office and other than that it was a sit around and play day. It was nice to just relax. Rick drove up today and he once he got to Mom & Dad’s, we all left and met Mom and Grandma & Granpda at a nice restaurant for dinner. It was really good. Thank you G’ma & G’pa!! After we got home, Mom and I made an ice cream birthday cake and then made up her scrapbook page for her stitching group.

Friday we relaxed and played more. In the evening all of mom’s side of the family came over for a birthday party – for me!! It sure was nice seeing everyone again, and of course they enjoyed seeing us, especially Robbie.

Saturday was a Mom-Daughter Day in Marquette. But first Mom made donut puffs for breakfast, our traditional Christmas morning breakfast that I missed last year. Yummy!!! The first stop in town was Mom’s nail lady. She bought me a manicure for my birthday, and while I was getting my nails done, she got a massage from a gift certificate that dad got her for Christmas. No, the gc didn’t massage – a lady did. *rolling my eyes* at whoever was thinking anything. . . 🙂 Then we went and got snacks to bring to stitching group and then stopped for lunch. We both had blueberry waffles! They were really good. Then it was off to Mom’s stitching group, and that was a lot of fun. They had a lady that did a short presentation about Hardanger, and we all got to just sit and stitch and eat (we brought veggies and fruit and cake). After we left there, we made a quick stop at Michael’s for a few things and then home to make Christmas dinner. Yes, you heard me right. The Christmas dinner I had in the chow hall in Afghanistan wasn’t worth anything, so Mom made Christmas dinner! G’ma & G’pa came over, and we all ate too much. It was nice visiting with them more.

Sunday morning I wore my uniform to church and played a trombone solo during the offering. It was nice seeing everyone there, and they were all glad to see me back home safe, and of course hear me play. Then it was to G’ma & G’pa’s for a bit so G’pa could see me in uniform and we could say goodbye to him and then home to Mom & Dad’s to pack and head south to Rick’s.

I’m feeling my Nyquil starting to kick in, so I’ll sign off for tonight. But before I go, I’ll leave you with a Link to 4 videos of Robbie playing in the snow. I hope you enjoy them!! Check out his webpage for some pictures.

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