My first one is done!

I was up EARLY this morning – like at 0400 early (yes, there are 2 4:00’s in a day). I dropped Robbie off at daycare since Ryan had to be at work by 0615. I got to the band hall about 6:20 and got everything set to go. This morning was my first urinalysis. We tested 5 soldiers, and when I turned in the specimens, all my paperwork was 100% correct. I was nervous about this one – didn’t want to mess anything up. I’m sure they’ll get easier as I do more. After I was done turning in the samples, I didn’t really have anything else to do. I helped BQ with details – we have the admin building this month – we took out trash, swept, mopped, and vacuumed. On my way home, I stopped at the pharmacy for some prescription refills for Ryan and then at the grocery store. I threw dinner in the crockpot (a Banquet Crockpot Classic) and started on my to-do list. I got the van cleaned out, 3 boxes of stuff ready to go to be donated to the PAAC Theater Thrift Store, packed, and got the van pretty much loaded. We just have to add the smaller stuff in the morning. I got to relax for a little bit and then Ryan and Robbie got home and we played. One of my coworkers, SPC AM came over as he will be watching the cats while we’re gone. He’ll be feeding them, scooping the litter box, and bringing our newspapers in (mail is being held). When he left, supper was ready and we ate and then played some more until bathtime and bedtime. After Robbie was in bed, I worked on my stitching for a little bit while we watched TV.

High: 29
Low: -7

2 thoughts on “My first one is done!

  1. 0400

    What? Two 0400’s per day?

    Has the military changed from a 24 hour clock and not told me, or is it just an army thing?

    Or am I hopelessly out obsolete …

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