Test day!

Today was the last day of the UPL Course. We had a Jeopardy review this morning – 3 teams of 7 each. My team lost by $1 in Final Jeoparday, and that was because the winning team had more money than us going into the final and they bet so they would win by $1 if we bet everything (which we did, of course). It was a lot of fun reviewing for the test that way. After a short break, we took the test – 50 multiple choice questions and you needed to score 70% or better to pass. You could miss 15 questions and still pass. Everyone in the class passed. I got the highest score!! I didn’t get my 100% like I had hoped, but the ONE question that I did miss hadn’t been covered. I did find the answer in our books afterward. Once again, the band leads the way! After lunch they presented the UPL of the Quarter Award for 1st Quarter and explained about the UPL OTQ award. I’m definitely going to try for it. Once that was done, we got our certificates and cards and were done.

I stopped at the post office on my way home to pick up the certified letter that I had gotten notice of on Wednesday. It was my lottery tickets that I won from the radio station! They are $2 tickets, so it was a $50 prize. I haven’t scratched them all yet – got 8 left to do, but I’ve already won $34 from them!! Maybe I’ll get a little bit more when I finish.

It sure was nice cooking again. I made spaghetti and garlic bread for my guys. Ryan and Robbie did the dishwasher and cleaned the table and then it was bathtime for Robbie. He sure has fun playing in the tub and I sit on the toilet seat (cover down, of course) and read a magazine and keep an eye on him. Once he was in bed, I sat down with my stitching and we watched some TV.

High: 38
Low: 30
Inches of rain: .95

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