A t-shirt, a mock urinalysis, and a KITCHEN!!!

Today was an exciting day! I won another contest – Nearly Impossible Trivia – on the radio station, and I’ll be getting a Morning Splash t-shirt. That’ll be cool! The question was about a survey that had been conducted, and this was the thing people dislike most about going through airport security. When I called, the phone rang right away and I answered taking your shoes off and I was right! Woohoo!

Class was a lot of fun today. We had a practical exercise with the paperwork in the morning – had to fill out completely the paperwork for a list of 12 soldiers being tested. There were a few twists and it caught some people off guard, but I caught them all and did my paperwork correctly the first time. The scenario (date, type of test, list of soldiers, etc.) was given to us in our books. We also had a mock urinalysis. We broke into groups of 3 (there are 21 in the class) and we had one donor, one observer, and one UPL. We rotated so everyone got to do everything. I was the most correct out of my group – I did miss one minor thing, but it wasn’t anything that would have negated the test and I learn from my mistakes so I’ll be good when I start doing real ones at the unit. At the end of the day we learned about the computer program that will do our random selections for us using given criteria we enter in, do our paperwork, etc. It’s a really neat program and I can’t wait until I can get it set up at work.

I picked Robbie up on my way home and we came home to wait for the guys to come finish the kitchen. They were a bit late tonight, but it’s ok. Ryan stopped at McDonald’s on his way home and brought supper. We ate on the living room floor for the last time. The guys showed up – Dustin was the same all throughout, but the other guy was yet another new one. At least it’s done! Here are today’s pictures:
Putting the trim back around the door
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Hanging the cabinets
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Reinstalling the stove hood
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Dustin, standing by his work (yes, his eyes are closed and he looks like a dork, but he’s a really nice guy!)
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It’s done!!
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After Ryan gets the cabinets stained and I get the rest of the painting done, I’ll post more pictures.

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