We started up doing PT again this morning. When I left it was -2 with a windchill of -9. We went for a nice little 2 mile run OUTSIDE. I had frost on my face and hat and neck gaiter, and when it’s really cold out, my eyes water, so I had frozen tears on my cheeks. BRRRRRRRRRRRR But it felt good to be out moving again.

There wasn’t anything going on this morning again after 0930 formation, so my squad leader let me come home. I got some laundry and computering done. At 1300 formation, I found out some good news! I am no longer in Bravo (B) Team, but I’m now in Echo (E) Team. E Team is the Brass Quintet!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! And I’ll also be the Operations rep for E Team. That was good news – I love playing in BQ. After checking with my new Team Leader, he didn’t have anything else for me, so I was done for the day. I went to the PX and got a few things and then home. Ryan was off early today – not much work for them to do, so they send them home early some days. We hung up some pictures and did some other things around the house and then went to get Robbie from day care. We headed into Watertown to go to the mall and we ate supper at Burger King (Robbie’s choice) on our way. When we got home we played for a little bit and the Robbie went to bed and I stitched some.

High: 13
Low: -2