The past couple of days have seen temperatures barely above zero. At night it’s been getting down to about -10 with windchills around -20. BRRRRRRRRRRRR Thursday was another nothing day at work. We did have to go back in for a 1300 formation, but once that was done, we were done for the day.

Friday I didn’t work until late. I got a few of my boxes put away and did some stitching. I had formation at 2200 for 2 troop return ceremonies. I think the gym heat must be on a timer or something because after the first ceremony when we were waiting for the second, it sure got cold in there. Both ceremonies went well other than the announcer didn’t know how to read or talk. It sounded like he had never done anything like that before. Not a good impression to make on soldiers’ family members. But at least more soldiers are home now. Oh, if any of you have heard that 10th Mountain Division is going back to Afghanistan and being extended to June, that is correct. But it doesn’t affect me. It is only the 3rd Brigade that that is for. So don’t worry about me having to go back over there.

Well, it’s 0130 – just got home from the ceremonies. I guess I should get to bed. And if you’re interested, the current temperature is -2 with a windchill of -21.

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