It sure was nice to go to church as a family again this morning. I enjoyed my chapel services in Afghanistan, but nothing beats being with family. Robbie was very well behaved and even sang some during the hymns and other singing times. Everyone at church was glad to see me back, and Pastor welcomed me back during his announcements. After the service and Robbie’s cookie time (Ryan and I didn’t have any), we stopped at a few places to do some shopping and then went to Wendy’s for lunch. We headed out to Post to the PX for a few more things and then back to Best Buy where we were able to get much cheaper flat screen monitors than what they had at the PX. We got 2 (a 17″ for me and a 19″ for Ryan) for just a tiny bit more than one 17″ would have been at the PX. Of course, they only had TWO models available at the PX, so not much to choose from. Once we got home, we set our new monitors up and boy do I have a lot of room on my desk now! I’ll be able to pay bills, balance the checkbook, write letters, etc. without having to use the about 2 inches of the front of my keyboard drawer that I had been using. Of course, it’s more space to collect clutter as well, but I’ll just have to not let that happen.

After playing for a while, we made pigs in a blanket and mac & cheese (pigs n’ cheese) for dinner. Robbie helps us set the table. After Robbie went to bed, I stitched on a piece and finished it. I’ll have a picture tomorrow – too late and tired tonight.

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