Awards Ceremony and Jingle Bells

Our internet seems to be working very well again! It might even be faster than before the problems. So after formation this morning, I was able to get caught up on my e-mails and message boards. After lunch I did more on my computer and then we had formation at 1415 to go to the chapel for our awards ceremony. There were about 60 soldiers there – our unit plus members of 2 other units. Before the awards were presented, fellow trombone player Scott Dziadon got promoted to Staff Sergeant. We now have 4 SSGs in the trombone section. Can you say top heavy? LOL Most of the members of the band got Army Commendation Medals, and that included me. Our Commander and the 4 Sergeants First Class got Bronze Star Medals and 2 soldiers got Army Achievement Medals. It was a nice ceremony and only lasted about 45 minutes.

Once we got back from the chapel, I went to dinner and then came home and chatted with Ryan and Robbie (Robbie was typing in between Ryan’s messages) and my buddy P in Korea. I’m going to spend the rest of the evening stitching.

And now, the Taliban version of Jingle Bells, as written by Chaplain Lee who is now back home with his family.

Dashing through the sand, in a dry and barren land
Loaded in a truck in search of Taliban.
Back at the FOB, guarding my OP
I want to shoot my M-16 but all I seem to see are

Jingle trucks, just my luck
I never get to fire.
All I get to do is sit and guard this stupid wire.
RPGs, IEDs, Hey. . . Where is my mail?
Osama when we find you
We will send you straight to jail.

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