The play is done

Thursday was me and Ryan’s 4th anniversary. Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

After our 0900 formation, we cleaned the rehearsal hall really good – washed the windows, swept, did a police call outside, etc. and then that was it for the day other than 1300 formation. I got some cross stitching done and even read some. In the evening was A Christmas Carol, night 2. It went really well – better than the first night and the audience was bigger as well. When I got home, I called Dad and got to talk to him and Rick for a while. That was nice!

Today all we had were formations at 0900 and 1300 and that was it. I stitched, read, and took a short nap. Short because the other females have no common courtesy and just come stomping in and crank their music up. I think I’m the only one in here that owns headphones. I’ve asked them before to use headphones or turn it down at least, but I just get “well, it’s the middle of the day so we can listen to our music if we want.” Ok, fine – but the whole camp doesn’t need to hear it. Oh, and we also found out that we’ll be here a few extra days now. The weather up in Manas has been really bad and flights haven’t been able to land so pretty much everyone leaving in the next week has been bumped a few days.

The play tonight was by far the best performance and it was almost a full house! It was a lot of fun, but it was also sad in a way since we’re done now. The audience was definitely the best tonight too – lots of laughs and interaction and that’s always a good thing. Eventually I’ll be getting a copy of the play on DVD, so I’ll have it to watch! And I’ll try and get a few pictures posted eventually. After it was over tonight, we struck the set (why is it called striking the set? we didn’t hit anything. . .) and got the chapel looking like a chapel again. Our cast party will be on Sunday.

I’m off to bed so I can maybe get a decent night’s sleep tonight.

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