A Christmas to Remember

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

This morning started with me going to Skype my family while they were at my grandparents’ house for Christmas Eve. Well, when I got up this morning, the internet was out. 😦 So I didn’t get to talk to my family. I got ready and went to church for our Christmas service. I played the piano some, but the Brass Quintet was there also and they did most of the hymns. It was a well-attended service – 60-70 or so. It was a very nice service.

When I got home, the internet was still out – as it was pretty much all day. I crocheted for a while and enjoyed an ok Christmas dinner at the chow hall. The company was much better than the food. Of course, had I been home, I would have had both – good food and good company. After dinner (at 1300), I crocheted a bit and then took a couple hour nap. That was very much needed and I felt a little better after I woke up. I went and tried to call home since the internet was still down, but I tried for 1/2 hour and couldn’t get an outside line from the phones. So I still didn’t get to talk to my family.

The barbershop chorus sang at the General’s Mess this evening for their Christmas party – pretty much everyone was a Lt. Colonel and higher. It went very well, and the BQ was there as well so we did the Hallelujah Chorus again. They really like it. And of course, the Taliban version of Jingle Bells received much laughter. I’ll share the words tomorrow. We all received coins from the CG (commanding general) and I got a picture of me and him by the Christmas tree. Also, during the sing along portion of the evening, I slipped out of my place in the choir two times to deliver Santa hats. I went up behind MG Freakley (the CG) the first time, said “Merry Christmas, Sir” and put the hat on his head. Then a couple of songs later, I saw our Division Command Sergeant Major, so I slipped out again and went behind him “Merry Christmas Sergeant Major” and stuck the hat on his head. They both really liked it and thanked me afterwards. I think there were a couple of people in the choir that didn’t think I would do it. But I “ain’t skeered” of no General or Sergeant Major!

So, we got back home and the internet was finally working but of course, Mom and Dad and Rick and Ryan and Robbie had already left for Christmas activities at my aunt & uncle’s house. So I found their phone number and was going to call there. But I still couldn’t get an outside line on the phones. Oh, and just before I left to go to the phones, the power went out. So now we have no internet, no power, and no phones. And I still haven’t talked to my family. The power and internet are back up finally (obviously since I’m writing this. . .) but the phones are still overloaded. I guess everyone is talking to their families. Hopefully I can talk to them in my morning/their evening, and maybe watch them open the last of their presents.

This will definitely be a Christmas to remember with all the good times with the choir and fellow band members, no internet, the power going out, and not being able to call home.

Oh, and I got gifts! I got some Bath & Body Works lotions from N, some hand cream and nail stuff from E, cute Christmas toe socks from C, and a little stuffed penguin from T. Thank you all so much!